Item #126029 Sea Horses [the crew of HMS Resolution hunting walrus in Alaska]. Cook's Third Voyage, John Webber.

Sea Horses [the crew of HMS Resolution hunting walrus in Alaska].

Single leaf, matted and framed.

§ Copperplate engraving of the crew of HMS Resolution hunting walrus, which first appeared in the first folio edition of Cook's Third Voyage. The scene was recorded by John Webber RA (1751-1793), one of the expedition's artists, and from his painting this engraving was made by Edward Scott.

"From 11 August to 3 September, 1778 Cook's ships had a harrowing time sailing through the Arctics ice covered seas and were in need of supplies. On the 19th August Cook sent two boats to hunt the large colony of walruses that had been seen from the ship. By seven that evening seven were brought on board the Resolution.

"The sea horse, also known as the morse, is now called the walrus. Ledyard described them as, between a quadrupede and a fish, their heads are somewhat like those of a dog, without ears, except two large white tusks that project downward from the upper jaw… they have a thick skin like that of a horse. Gilbert considered the name sea horse. Why they are so called I cant imagine, for they bear not the smallest resemblance to that animal." Cook Journals III, i, 419. Item #126029

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