The Grant School Spirit. Vol.1. No.1. San Francisco periodical.
The Grant School Spirit. Vol.1. No.1.

The Grant School Spirit. Vol.1. No.1.

1927. San Francisco: December 13, 1927.

Single issue, 12 pp., age-toned, creased and with some edgewear and closed tears but no loss of text.

§ The admirably extensive first (only?) issue of the school newspaper of Grant School in San Francisco, written by the students. The full name, principal, or address of the school is not identified but it is clear it was a K-8 co-ed school, possibly the Ulysses S. Grant School on Pacific and Broadway, which was dedicated on April 22, 1922. The front page celebrates the formation of the school study body, composed of 7th and 8th graders: presumably the event that enabled the founding of the newspaper. The numerous short articles give a fascinating picture of the breadth and richness of education at the time: the student reporters cover field trips around San Francisco, the activities of the art, music, and theater clubs, school debates (Do the advantages of motion pictures outweigh the disadvantages? Would be a wise policy for President Coolidge to retaliate in the trade war with France, among others), school bazaars and charitable activities such as collecting tin-foil to sell for the benefit of crippled children ("If you saved all the tin-foil from your father's cigarettes for one year, saying he smoked four packages a week, you would have twenty-six pounds"), a lecture from a visiting U.C. Berkeley professor on landscape gardening and a demonstration of the telephone in the school auditorium by the Pacific Telephone Company, a project on Japan ("We like to learn about Japan because there are so many Japanese people in San Francisco"), praise of "visual education" (slide shows and movies provided by the board of education), and accounts of classroom activities in all grades. There are three pages of student poems and other literary compositions, a page of sporting news, two pages of advertisements from local business sponsors, and four photographs of students. Item #123979

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