ALS concerning ‘Dr. Hanthall’, recipient unknown. Thomas Frognall Dibdin.

ALS concerning ‘Dr. Hanthall’, recipient unknown.

1831. Wyndham Place: Sept. 12, 1831.

4to, 1 p., traces of removal from an album-leaf on verso, no damage.

§ ‘Dr. Hanthall’ [or Haulhall?], an allegedly distinguished Horace scholar introduced to Dibdin by Richard Heber, with whom Hanthall/Haulthall corresponded in Latin: see Dibdin’s Reminiscences (1838), ii:967, quoting a knowledgeable letter to Heber on the Kloss Collection. Dibdin has met him twice at Spencer House, ‘where he is now busily employed at his Horatian labours . . . an amiable and worthy man, aetatis suae 35 (circ.) as I judge: with a zeal & diligence in his favourite research beyond anything I ever saw. He was a 12 month at Paris wooing Quintus Horatius Flaccus. I enclose a copy of his Program." We can find no mention whatever of this scholar, to Dibdin ‘a celebrated Horatian’, save Dibdin’s. Item #123841

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