Heliomaster Constanti [and] Helianthea Bonapartei. Henry Constantine Richter, John. Hullmandel Gould, Walton, imp.

Heliomaster Constanti [and] Helianthea Bonapartei.

1849. [circa 1849-87].

Two hand-colored lithographs, 14 1/2 x 21 1/4”, both with a second leaf of text; matted, very good.

§ Plates 236 and 260 with original corresponding text from A Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Humming-Birds Volume 4. Plates lithographed after John Gould, H.C. Richter and W. Hart, drawn for the most part by Hullmandel & Walton. Gould supervised the lithographers, who applied gold and silver leaf underneath the watercolor to achieve a remarkably lifelike representation of each hummingbird’s iridescent feathers. The two species of hummingbirds depicted are both from Central America, Heliomaster Constanti or plain-capped starthroat and Helianthea Bonapartei, the golden-bellied starfrontlet. Item #108215

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