Illustrations of the Book of Job (The New Zealand Set). William. Trianon Press Blake.

Illustrations of the Book of Job (The New Zealand Set).

1987. Paris: Trianon Press for the Blake Trust, 1987.

22 separate plates, approx. 15.75 x 12.25 inches (30 x 31 cm) each, printed in color on Arches, housed in a tri-fold paper folder. Very good condition.

§ From Part 2, Colour Versions of William Blake’s Book of Job Designs from the Circle of John Linnell has color facsimiles of the New Zealand set, the Collins set, and the Fitzwilliam plates (not a complete set), along with a volume of commentary by Bo Lindberg, edited by David Bindman. The edition was limited to 65 copies reserved by the William Blake Trust, of 387 sets in all (22 de luxe, 65 thus numbered I-LXV, 50 numbered i-l being a less expensively bound version for scholars and libraries, and 250 of the regular edition numbered 1-250). The New Zealand Set are careful watercolor copies of the central designs of the original engravings, produced by the circle of John Linell, presented here in faithful facsimile. Butlin noted in the Blake Quarterly: “The long list of color facsimiles produced by the Trianon Press under Arnold Fawcus for the William Blake Trust were above all objects of beauty, recreating as near to perfection as possible Blake’s original achievements.”. Item #108112

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