Illuminated leaf from a Book of Hours with St. Nicholas and St. Sebastian.

Britanny: c. 1430. 7.8” x 5.6”. Illuminated leaf on vellum, from a Book of Hours with two large miniatures of St. Nicholas blessing the three children in the pickling tub, and of St. Sebastian tied to a pillar in a mountainous landscape while two archers shoot arrows at him, in strong color and burnished gold. In good condition. On the recto St. Nicolas is shown standing on a grassy field holding a crozier against a red decorated wall while the three naked boys stand up in the tub, and on the verso St. Sebastian is tied to a post, bleeding and pierced with arrows shot at close range. Six initials (one-line to three-line) illuminated in gold and colours, line-fillers; on either side of page panel borders composed of burnished gold leaves on hair-line stems, with sprays of colored leaves in center of panel.

Unusual and attractive miniatures painted in strong colors in the style which spread the Roham Master westwards from Paris into Rennes and elsewhere in Britanny in the 1420’s and 1430’s. Item #107057

Price: $9,500.00