Item #105910 Antiphonal in Latin. Illuminated manuscript leaf on vellum.

Antiphonal in Latin.

1350. Tuscany: c. 1350.

Folio, 430 x 308 mm. Single leaf. With four-line staves of music on both sides with five (recto) and six (verso) lines of text beneath. With a very fine initial ‘A’ in Tuscan colors. The top edge has been repaired (perhaps at the time) with a strip of vellum, for unknown reasons (perhaps a mark of ownership removed?). Otherwise in very good condition, generally clean and fresh, and with ample margins.

§ A fine early Tuscan leaf, being the responses and versicles for the first reading at Matins. The leaf opens: “Absterget Deus omnem lacrimam ab oculis...” Provenance: Bernard M. Rosenthal (1995), with his notes; private collection San Francisco. Item #105910

Price: $6,250.00