• Author: Illuminated manuscript leaf on vellum.

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Christ with the Cross from an Antiphonal.
German: c. 1500. 132 x 155 mm. Matted. An intriguing painting, showing the instruments of the Passion, a crowing cock, the head of Judas, the thirty pieces of silver &c. A somewhat surreal piece, with the head and some of the instruments floating in the air against a rich blue... more


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Historiated initial ‘U’ of a standing Saint, cut to shape from a choirbook.
Central Italy?, c.1250. Matted, in fine condition. A well-painted initial of a man in flowing blue and pink robes holding a book to which he gestures, probably Saint Paul. Italian miniature paintings of this period are known to be difficult to localize with any accuracy but as the face is... more


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Christ before Caiaphas.
Dutch school: c. 1450 or later. 138 x 98mm. Miniature, without text, image of Christ before Caiaphas being held by a soldier with a jester dancing behind Him, disciples (?) behind Him with a cock sitting above the, three-sided border of simple flowers. In good condition. Origin and provenance unknown;... more


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Job on his dungheap.
Paris: c. 1475. 159 x 108mm. Single column, four lines of text (r), 15 lines (v). Three-line initial ‘D’, richly illuminated border of floral design heightened in gold. The miniature painted within an arch-top border. Trimmed right to the border, small split in the vellum margin, otherwise in fine and... more


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A leaf from a liturgical Psalter, in Latin.
Rhineland (or possibly Flanders or England): c. 1260-1280. Single leaf, 177 x 131mm. 20 lines of text in gothic script., 4-line historiated initial of a knight in armor, 4 initials in gold, gold highlighting in text. Small drawing of a dragon in red ink, drawing of a bird in left... more


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North Italy: 1350-1375. Folio, 420 x 270mm. Written in ink on vellum in a Gothic hand, with a surrounding gloss in a smaller but similar hand, and extensive annotations in a different and perhaps slightly later hand. With colored initials in red and blue. With a large marginal drawing of... more


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Antiphonal in Latin.
Tuscany: c. 1350. Folio, 430 x 308mm. Single leaf. With four-line staves of music with five (recto) and six (verso) lines of text beneath. With a very fine initial ‘A’ in Tuscan colors. The top edge has been repaired (perhaps at the time) with a strip of vellum, for unknown... more


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Two miniatures, depicting St. Dominic holding a book, and a richly attired Bishop holding a book with a model of a church on top of it.
South German (?): c. 1525. 2 cuttings on vellum, each approx. 58 x 71 mm. Beautifully painted in gold and colors, on a brown background. In fine condition. Two lovely miniatures from the same hand, once part of a group of four all cut from the same book and sold... more


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Two illuminated initials “D”.
Central Italy (Perugia?), c.1350 or earlier 2 cuttings, 247 x 192 mm and 241 x 212 mm, elaborate leafy designs in many colors, outlined in white and heightened with gold, each with part of three lines of text and four lines of music on four-line red staves, versos with a... more


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Illuminated Leaf with An Especially Fine Miniature Painting of the Annunciation to the Shepherds, on Vellum, from a Book of Hours in Latin.
Northern France or Flanders: ca. 1430. 7.5” x 5.75”. Text from the opening of Terce. Beautifully embellished and illuminated manuscript on vellum, with a miniature painting of the Annunciation to the Shepherds. Right border just slightly trimmed, border with a hint of soiling, otherwise in fine condition, the miniature remarkably... more


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Illuminated leaf from a Book of Hours with St. Nicholas and St. Sebastian.
Britanny: c. 1430. 7.8” x 5.6”. Illuminated leaf on vellum, from a Book of Hours with two large miniatures of St. Nicholas blessing the three children in the pickling tub, and of St. Sebastian tied to a pillar in a mountainous landscape while two archers shoot arrows at him, in... more


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Mass for the dead.
French (probably Paris): c. 1475. Single leaf on vellum, 4 x 3 1/4 ins. with good margins. 20 lines written in black/brown ink, simple floriate border heightened in gold on both sides. A sweet little leaf from the end of the Mass for the dead. ... more


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