Dynamical Stability of Aeroplanes. Jerome C. Hunsaker.

Dynamical Stability of Aeroplanes.

3019. Smithsonian Institution, June 30, 1916.

8vo, original printed wrappers, 78 pp., illustrated with 3 plates.

§ A key paper on the development of flight. “Jerome Clarke Hunsaker, 1886-1984, was an officer in the Construction Corps of the U.S. Navy, 1909-1926. In 1914, after a year studying aerodynamics and wind tunnel testing in Europe, he taught the first course in aeronautical engineering and aviation design at MIT, and in 1914 developed the first modern wind tunnel in the United States. During World War I he was in charge of all naval aircraft design, construction, and procurement... His work focused on flight theory and aircraft design. He designed the flying boat NC-4, the first aircraft to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, and supervised the design of the dirigible Shenandoah, the first American rigid airship” (MIT Libraries on line). For conspiracy theorists, Hunsaker was MJ-10 on the Majestic-12 team put together by Truman after the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. “The group included 6 civilian and 6 military personnel. Of the military people, 2 each were from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. In addition, three of the original members were the first three directors of Central Intelligence. The purpose of MJ-12 was to coordinate all U.S. activities connected in any way with nonhuman alien presence, including the management of the MAJESTIC scientific group, military BLUE TEAM activities, and FBI/CIA surveillance activities. MJ-12 operations were designed to establish and maintain all MAJIC-related operations at the highest level of security obtainable. Hence, “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” became the highest level of security classification, higher even than the Manhattan Project.” Not in Ordway. Item #5170

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