Item #125876 Collection of Books, Broadsides, and Ephemera. Claud Lovat Fraser.
Collection of Books, Broadsides, and Ephemera.
Collection of Books, Broadsides, and Ephemera.

Collection of Books, Broadsides, and Ephemera.

1921. 1910s-1920s.

52 items from a variety of presses and publishers. A complete itemized list with condition notes is available on request.

§ An extensive collection of books, broadsides, and ephemera showcasing the illustrations of Claud Lovat Fraser (1890–1921), English artist, designer, and author, and one of the three men behind the private press The Sign of the Flying Fame.

Claud Lovat Fraser attended Westminster School of Art where his tutors included Walter Sickert. With the support of the art critic Haldane McFall he built a career on book illustration, advertising, and private commissions. With the poet Ralph Hodgson and the writer and bibliophile Holbrook Jackson he founded the private press The Sign of Flying Fame which issued poetry broadsides and chapbooks in affordably priced limited editions with the intention of making poetry more accessible to the general public. Gassed in the trenches during the First World War and with a history of heart trouble, he died tragically young in 1921 at the age of 31.

Assembled by a passionate collector, the collection provides a broad overview of Fraser's illustrations including both ephemeral broadsides and chapbooks and his work for mainstream publishers. It includes 9 chapbooks and 6 broadsides issued by The Sign of the Flying Fame, 3 broadsides, 4 books, and 2 chapbooks issued by the Poetry Bookshop, as well as numerous other books, chapbooks, advertisements, and letterheads illustrated by Fraser. The collection also includes two books by Grace Lovat Fraser, Claud's wife, as well as exhibition guides, reference works, and bookseller catalogues. In total 52 items. Please inquire for a detailed list. Item #125876

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