Item #124190 William Blake 'America - A Prophecy'. Linda Landers, was Spoonprint Press.

William Blake 'America - A Prophecy'

2021. Size 19cm x 51cm when closed. 67cm x 51cm (c. 26 x 21 inches) when open. With printed cloth cover. Inner print Linocut (printed on Somerset 300gsm paper) shows the spirits of revolution rising up between two eagle feathers; hand-printed end-papers with images of dragonflies, to symbolize transformation. The 8-page text is printed on Zerkall paper and sewn together, and slips into an enveloped area made from the hand-printed Fabriano paper.

§ Limited to 10 copies, sold out. Signed and dated on the top reverse of the print. A totally amazing production; this huge multicolor print includes images of an eagle, a buffalo, an orca, a Native American, etc. -- and tucked into the binding is a printing of Blake's text. Item #124190

Price: $1,875.00