P[o]eniteas cito libell[us] iste Nuncupatur tractans co[m]pendiose de penitentia. Johannes de Garlandia Petrus Blesensis William de Montibus, or.

P[o]eniteas cito libell[us] iste Nuncupatur tractans co[m]pendiose de penitentia...

Cologne : Heinrich Quentell, 10 June 1493.

Sm. 4to, [18] ff. Very fine woodcut title-illustration beneath title. Stitched (as issued?) perhaps removed from a sammelband. Generaly very good, except the final leaf is torn away at the top with loss of the first seven lines but the remaining text including the colophon unaffected.

§ One of many editions of this text, this version with the fine woodcut illustration of a master teaching from a book and two pupils taking notes at his feet. Rare in America but widely held in Europe -- only one copy located in the US (Beinecke). Rare in trade.

Other editions of this work are entered under the heading Modus poenitendi. Attributed since the Middle Ages to Johannes de Garlandia or to Petrus Blesensis (cf. P. Michaud-Quantin, Sommes des casuistique et manuels de confession au moyen-age, Louvain, 1962, p.19). H. MacKinnon attributes to William de Montibus (Essays in medieval history presented to Bertie Wilkinson, ed. T.A. Sandquist and M.R. Powicke, Toronto, 1969, pp.40-45)
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