The Relief of Chitral. Captain. Younghusband YOUNGHUSBAND Frank Edward, Captain, George John.

The Relief of Chitral

1895. London: Macmillan, 1895.

8vo, viii, 184pp. 4pp. ads. Frontispiece and twenty-two other plates, coloured full-page map. Original red cloth, gilt, very good.

§ First edition, third impression. “The book narrates in detail how the death of Chitrals ageing Chief Aman ul-Mulk in 1892 caused uncertain conditions in the region, leading to mutual strife amongst his heirs for the next couple of years. The year 1895 was very eventful and saw the Siege of Chitral with a small British Force trapped inside the Chitral Fort.[9][10] To rescue the personnel trapped inside and to restore British morale two expeditions; one commanded by Lieutenant Colonel James Graves Kelly from the north and another commanded by General Sir Robert Low from the south was dispatched to lift the siege. The book is written in conjunction by Sir Francis Younghusband, formerly political officer at Chitral, and during the campaign correspondent of the Times, and his brother, Sir George Younghusband, who was with his regiment in General Low's force throughout the whole affair. The book is a first-hand account of events.The entire region that now forms the Chitral District was a fully independent monarchy until 1895, when the British negotiated a subsidiary alliance with its hereditary ruler, the Mehtar, under which Chitral became a princely state, still sovereign but subject to the suzerainty of the British Raj. Chitral retained a similar status even after its accession to Pakistan in 1969, but was completely incorporated into Pakistan and became an administrative district of Pakistan in 1969.” (Wikipedia). Item #110790

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