William Blake. [5 prints by Blechman with text by Blake]

[Artist’s proofs, unpublished] 5 serigraph prints, 18 x 14 inches each, on hand-made paper. Preserved in a cloth folding box. Superbly printed by Rosepoint on very fine artist’s proof paper, as follows. Only two sets were made by Blechman, one for his archive, and this set with each printed signed and annotated by him as “a/p”.

The “label” on the cover: Two colors, grey and gold, enhanced with hand coloring (gouache) for the shadows on the bust, and gold paint for the planets.

The Fly: Three colors, black (line art and lettering), red (flies), and blue (background).

The Sick Rose. Four colors, black (line art and lettering), red (the rose) green (the leaves) and tan (the background).

The Proverbs of Hell. Four colors, black (the devil, the sun, and lettering), grey (the shy), orange (the clouds), red (the earth). I later added black letterpress stripes, hand applied, to complement, the black elsewhere.

Why was Cupid a Boy? Six colors, light pink. dark pink (the skin tones for the lady), light flesh, dark flesh (the skin tones) for Cupid), black (line art and lettering)

The Tyger. Six colors, carmine (the red “L-shaped stripe, lower left, and tiger’s mouth and nostrils), vermilion (the tiger’s mouth) light and dark yellow (the tiger’s eyes) black (line art and lettering).

Robert Delpire wrote of Blechman’s work “The real problem a critic faces trying to characterize the work of R. O,Blechman is how to do it in a word or as a simple description. He escapes all easy classification. Blechman is an illustrator, of course, but what sort of illustration? He’s a humorist, yes, but his humor is so special, his understanding of people and reality so profound and varied, that humor in his work is soon overpowered by emotion. When one realizes, moreover, that in addition to his work as an illustrator, Blechman is also a filmmaker (his spots for Alka Seltzer and Perrier are classics), as well as a poster artist and graphic designer; when one sees his exceptional talent as an author dealing with The Juggler of Our Lady, Franklin the Fly, and Georgie, his work in a variety of genres discourages any simple categorization. R.O. Blechman is like Steinberg and Andre Francois, one of the artists who honor a profession too often undervalued by art critics.”. Item #110631

Price: $7,500.00

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