Item #107627 Europe a Prophecy. William Blake, Trianon Press.

Europe a Prophecy.

1969. London: Trianon Press, 1969.

Folio, 17 color plates, 9 pp. of commentary plus extra material. Full brown morocco over boards with slipcase. Fine.

§ One of the rarest de luxe editions. One 20 deluxe copies with additional proof sheets, progressive plates, original stencil, etc.; this copy is inscribed “special publisher’s copy.” Limited to 526 copies including 20 de luxe copies numbered I-XX, 480 regular copies numbered 1-480 and 25 copies lettered A-Z reserved for Mrs Landon Thorne, Lord Cunliffe, the Trustees of the William Blake Trust and the publishers. Bentley, BB, 34. Bentley, BB, 34: “reproduces copy B (pl. 2, 6, 13-15, 17-18), copy G (pl. 1, 4-5, 7-12,16) and copy K (pl. 3). Bentley, Blake Books, 34. The frontispiece (“The Ancient of Days”) is surely Blake’s most famous single image. “Europe [Lambeth 1794] is a sequel to and sometimes bound up with America. The other two continents appear in The Song of Los... 12 copies are known.” (Damon, Blake Dictionary). Item #107627

Price: $3,250.00