Decretals. Illuminated manuscript leaf on vellum.


1350. North Italy: 1350-1375.

Folio, 420 x 270mm. Written in ink on vellum in a Gothic hand, with a surrounding gloss in a smaller but similar hand, and extensive annotations in a different and perhaps slightly later hand. With colored initials in red and blue. With a large marginal drawing of three knights in armor, two with spears. Trimmed very close at the top and one edge, no apparent loss of text. In very good condition.

§ A rare illustrated medieval leaf. The Canon Law text from the Decretals begins at book 5, title 33 of chapter 17 (de privilegiis et excessibus privilegiatorum) to the beginning of chapter 23, Interestingly, chapter 20 deals with the privileges of the Knights Templar. Item #105909

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